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Devices for Storage: Extend Your Capacity with Computer Accessories


Storage devices and gadgets that are meant to expand the storage capabilities of a device have risen to huge demands. As our lives get busier, and time is both precious and limited, we are turning towards the virtual world like nothing before. With the advent of social media, thousands of pictures get uploaded every day. Photos depict memories, and times well spent with the people we love. Thousands of such memories via photos, videos, Instagram stories and much more get saved and stored every month.


Storing files and soft copies of every other document for future reference has become second nature. They are efficient, easy to find, do not degrade or destroy easily, and also are comfortable to store. Thousands of government offices are now turning towards e-storage as well. Movies, e-books and PDFs are being saved and shared by students rampantly. Even the apps we use on our phones and other devices generate a considerable amount of data for each and every action that we perform. It all adds up to an overwhelming amount.

All this puts us in a dire crisis for space. Not just physically (what with the hike in population growth and shortage of resources!) but virtually as well. As an average person keeps consuming free space at an alarming rate for every online action, the need for computer gadget devices arise.



High Speed USB Flash Drive 64GB/32GB/16GB Pen Drive

Rated 4.55 out of 5

Multifunctional USB Flash Drive 128GB 64GB 32GB Pen Drive for Smartphone

Rated 4.71 out of 5

Sandisk USB Pen Drive High Quality USB Flash Drive 256GB

Rated 4.88 out of 5

Smartphone USB Pen Drive Storage Device for Gift

Rated 4.63 out of 5


New-age storage devices like the Pen drive, extendable hard-drives, memory cards, Solid State drives and External Sound cards are aimed at solving the storage crisis. These external devices are extremely lightweight and portable. They add up a large amount of extra space to the already existing device, and provide easy transferring of data from one device to another. They can also be easily carried too. A 1 TB of external hard drive weighs just about a few hundred grams, but stores a plethora of information. It can again be easily connected to a laptop with a simple OTG cable and the data can be transferred to it.

Memory cards of various capacities are used in various devices, phones, cameras, audio and video players. Since it is just a small card not more than a few centimeters and fits within a card slot inside the specific device, it’s just a small chip holding volumes of data. These devices are the top computer gadgets that the advent of technology has brought upon us.

The accessory storage devices such as the Card reader assists any card to be easily inserted into a non-compatible device such as a laptop, PCs, an audio player etc. The External Sound card is another such USB gadget that actually provides multiple ports for audio in exchange of a single port.

These are the marvels of technology, and we can never know what future holds but at least it is going to be comfortable! And in case you are wondering about gifts for a tech addict loved one, nothing can be better than these cool gadgets.

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